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  • Crabgrass Pre-emergent - Crabgrass can be one of the most difficult weeds to control. Improper timing is the leading cause of Crabgrass breakthrough. Applied too late, Crabgrass will germinate and begin growth before the herbicide is incorporated into the soil. Too early, will have depleted residual before all weed seeds have germinated.

  • Surface Insect Control - There are all kinds of pests that can plague your lush green lawn. The biggest signs of bugs , insects or worm problems in your turf is patches of brown grass. This treatment when applied properly, rids your lawn of chinch bugs and sod webworms.

  • Grub Control - Grubs are the larval form of Japanese Beetles (called white grubs) that live in the soil. Grubs emerge in late summer from eggs laid the same year. Most products that control grubs should be applied in mid-late summer just before and as the grubs are hatching.

  • Fertilizer and Herbicide Control - Turf feeds mainly on fertilizers nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium formula. As the structure of the fertilizer pellet melts away, minerals are released into the soil and absorbed by the plant. Mowing, foot traffic, and other physical handling of the fertilizer particles will cause nutrients to break down and be released into the soil for plant absorption.

  • Winterize - The key to a lush, healthy spring lawn is proper preparation for the winter. When the weather turns warmer, turf grass needs to be primed and ready to go. Because grass goes dormant during the winter, any preparation for a healthy spring must be made in the fall. Winterizing is needed for cool season grasses that grow in the northern U.S. It is beneficial to ensure that the grass has a good, healthy root system going into fall and winter.

  • Lime - The main component is calcium carbonate. High calcium content is referred to as calcitic lime and has the added benefit of adding calcium to the soil. The need to lime will be determined by soil tests. Working towards the ideal pH level will help bring the soil into balance and allow optimum nutrient uptake. Lime can be applied to a lawn any time of the year. It is often done during the spring or fall when lawn stresses are minimal and more time is usually available.

  • Core Aeration and Over Seeding - The summer is both a time of growth and harm for turf. With people outside enjoying their yards, playing sports and gardening, grass takes a beating. Compaction is one of the worst problems inflicted on lawns with lots of foot traffic. Compaction compresses the spaces in the soil where oxygen can be available to the roots. Aerating helps overcome compaction. The early fall is a good time to over seed a lawn that might need renovation.